This group works in two areas:

  • Coordination of the activities of the Office for the Promotion of the European Research Activities (OPERA);
  • Development of a comprehensive information system “Evaluation of research activities in Spanish Universities”, funded by the Ministry for Science and Innovation, which aims to be used for evaluating research undertaken by Spanish higher education institutions and for policy advice.



Dr. Armand Sánchez, Vice-rector for Research and Transference

Ivan Martínez, Director of Research Area


Dr. Rafael Garesse Alarcón, Vicerrector Innovation and Science Policy


Dr. Javier Prieto, Vice-rector for Scientific Policy

Regina García Beato, Director of Service Research


Dr. Enric Vallduví (chair), Vice-rector for Research and Doctoral Studies

Eva Martín García, Head of the Research Service


Stefanie Ubrig, OPERA office Director