Ekaterina Goncharova’s story

Ekaterina Goncharova, a 2nd year Bachelor student from the New Economy School in Moscow, went to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for 5 months in 2017. She studied at the department of Economics and Finance at UAM, and took Spanish classes to help her learn the language.

She says: “Erasmus was a wonderful experience that contributed a lot into my life. It definitely helped me professionally because firstly, I became more aware of my abilities and knowledge. Secondly, I realized that I am quite a competitive employee on an international market as well.” While still being a student, Ekaterina now works at the Institute for Urban Economics in Moscow as a consultant in Real-Estate market.

Has there been anything unexpected? “Yes”, she says. “What was a little unexpected is how much I missed my homeland and friends back home. However, overall I had great experience both in studying and in building social relationships with people all over the world”.

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