Viktoriia Khodyreva

Viktoriia Khodyreva, a Bachelor student in Applied Mathematics and Informatics at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia) came to UC3M on Erasmus+ exchange in 2016. While at UC3M she took courses in Cryptography, Data Bases, Software Development Project Management, Computer Graphics, and Operating systems at the Faculty of  Computer Science and Engineering. Since then she enrolled on a Master programme in Computer Science and Data Analysis, and works at the same time as a full-stack developer in a Russian IT company.

“Erasmus definitely helped me to become more confident academically. I had an opportunity to study in a different environment, to try new courses and to experience life abroad. The fact that I studied abroad often surprises people and they ask many questions about my experience. So, it helps me with interviews a lot.

What is more, I made good contacts useful in my career and while travelling: I have friends all over the world. Anything unexpected?

1. I was surprised that in Spain at noon there are no open shops or other local facilities. Everybody disappears.

2. I was shocked in a good way when I realized how easy it is to visit the neighboring countries. However bus tickets are usually pricy during vacations (the only time I could afford to travel).

3. I tried many new courses, which were difficult for me. I am happy that I took the risk and didn’t change Operating systems to Spanish just because somebody said it was a hard course. Now I know that I am stronger than I thought.

4. Erasmus might be the best experience in your life. But I would give an advice: do not study all the time, spend time with friends, travel more, because you are Erasmus only once!

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