A4U in Europe

In 2009, the A4U launched the Office for the Promotion of European Research Activities (OPERA), with a view to providing support for the European research activities undertaken by each of the partner universities and to increasing the number of proposals they submit to European research programmes.

OPERA’s aims are:

  • To support the A4U and its researchers in their efforts to make their research more competitive at the European and international level.
  • To identify new policies and funding opportunities of interest to the A4U universities and their researchers.
  • To participate in and influence European R&D and innovation policymaking.
  • To provide personalized assistance in Brussels to researchers participating in European projects.

Located in Brussels, OPERA works closely with the European Project Offices of each of the Alliance’s universities. It also works directly with the European Commission and other European institutions and networks, and maintains close ties with Spanish institutions in Brussels operating in the field of R&D and innovation.

Other services for researchers

In addition to advice, OPERA offers researchers from the A4U universities various working spaces in Brussels, including:

  • 3 meeting rooms able to accommodate 15, 20 and 95 people
  • 12 individual work stations
  • WiFi Internet access
  • Photocopy, fax and printing services

Before requesting services form the A4U’s office in Brussels, researchers should contact the European Project Office at their university.


UAB: Núria Claver


UAM: Rafael Oliveros


UC3M: María Cristina Velasco

UPF: Josep Niubò

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  • Small meeting room

  • Large meeting room

  • Lobby

  • Individual workspaces

  • Individual workspaces