­­Institutional missions and activities

Science Diplomacy Seminar

Institutional Mission to Kenya

The A-4U renews its collaboration ties with Instituto Cervantes

Institutional Mission to Senegal and Gambia

The A-4U strengthens collaboration ties with Qatar University

Online institutional mission to Gulf of Guinea countries (Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire)

Kenyatta University (Kenya) and Wolaita Sodo University (Ethiopia) delegations visit the A-4U

Representatives of the A-4U participate in Expo Dubai 2021

Participation in the 1st South Africa – Spain Research Forum “Facing Global Challenges”

1st A-4U Series of Debates

Organization of the 1st edition of the EMI Forum

Institutional Mision to Indonesia

Implementation of a KA107 Mobility Program with Russia and South Africa for the period 2016-2018

Participation in the “Study in Europe” Fair in South Africa

Participation in the EHEF-India Fair

Network of young European research universities(YERUN) launched at the initiative of A-4U.

Follow-up visit to Iran institutions

Institutional visit to Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar)

Implementation of a KA107 Mobility Program with Russia and South Africa for the period 2015-2017

A visit by Indian experts in the field of education

A follow-up visit to India and participation in FICCI Higher Education Summit

An institutional visit to selected Iranian universities

Participation in European Higher Fair in Delhi

A-4U is awarded 500.000 Euros of European funding for a project in renewable energies.
Institutional visit to leading Turkish universities, Research and Science Parks and governmental institutions.

A follow-up visit to Turkey

Spanish Cultures Week in Moscow.

Visit and signing of a cooperation agreement with University of Ateneu de Manila in Philippines

A Spanish Law Week in Russia.

A-4U lecturers visit Indian universities to promote collaboration in teaching and research

Russian scientist visit A-4U universities.

A-4U visited by prominent Indian professionals in the framework of “Future Indian leaders” programme.

An institutional visit to leading universities and governmental institutions in South Africa.

A-4U undertakes an institutional visit to Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Brazilian universities and governmental institutions visited by A-4U.

A-4U takes part in the 1st Spanish Universites’ Fair in New Delhi.

A-4U partners with leading Indian universities and consortia, New Delhi – Greater Noida

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