Joint Bachelor’s Degrees

The Alianza 4 Universidades offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, which is coordinated jointly by all four member universities. This programme allows students to make the most out of what each university has to offer, and students can alternate their studies between Barcelona and Madrid. The UPF is in charge of coordinating this bachelor’s degree programme.

The A4U also wishes to present a novel feature for the 2020/21 academic year: the new Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences, with lectures taking place in both Barcelona and Madrid. Classes in Madrid will be offered by the UAM and the UC3M, while classes in Barcelona will be offered by the UAB. This new bachelor’s degree programme is coordinated by the UAM.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Technology and Humanities, unique in the Spanish university system, begins its journey in the 2022-2023 academic year and is taught between Madrid and Barcelona. The first and third courses are offered at the UAB; the second between the UAM and the UC3M and, in the fourth, each student takes the optional subjects and the final degree project at the university that granted admission.

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