UAM university profile

UAM is a modern institution, characterized by its strong social commitment and active participation in society, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in science, technology and the humanities.

uam-recursUAM is renowned in the field of research, due to the work of its highly regarded research groups and institutes, as well as its specialized infrastructure and equipment.It is also a public institution internationally renowned for the quality of its teaching and research. Its objective is academic excellence, and, in 2009, it was designated a Campus of International Excellence (CIE) as a result of the UAM+CSIC CIE project.

It ranks amongst the world’s top universities.


Madrid is the capital of Spain, and a major European cultural venue. It has a rich story and cultural heritage. Its art museums are among the best in the world and the vibrant culture of its bars, clubs and festivals create a tremendous social atmosphere. It also offers the possibilities of practicing a wide variety of sports and leisure activities. Madrid’s airport, train and bus stations are the best connected in Spain and its prime location in the centre of the country invites to discover the nearby enchanting historical attractions of Toledo and Segovia and the rest of Spain. It’s one of the most dynamic cities in Europe where it’s so easy to feel integrated in.

Getting there
Barcelona and Madrid are the easiest Spanish cities to reach from the rest of Europe and there are direct flights from most cities in the world to their prize-winning international airports. Madrid and Barcelona are connected by high speed train AVE (journey time is about 3 hours) and by frequent flights (about 1 hour).

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