Elizaveta Cherepovskaia

Elizaveta Cherepovskaia is currently a fifth year student at the Department of Linguistics of Southern Federal University in Russia. She also works as a teacher at a language school, helping teenagers and adults for Cambridge examinations. In 2021 she spent a semester studying at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona. 

Taking part in Erasmus+ was a rewarding experience on many counts. “Erasmus+ academic stay helped me greatly. Firstly, it has given me a lot of friends from all around the world. We still keep in touch and assign video calls from time to time. 

Secondly, it enhanced my studies. I had never experienced how it feels to be an international student, cooperate with people from different countries, solve daily-life issues abroad speaking only foreign languages. I improved my Spanish skills, so I am aiming to pass the DELE examinations in April. 

Also, since I’m a senior student and  it’s my last year at university, I am working on my thesis. [Spending] 6 months at the Autonomous University of Barcelona helped me to apply new knowledge as a base for the final research writing. Moreover, Erasmus+ program enabled me to speak much better, that’s the reason I have a pretty good job position and once I complete my studies, I would really like to come back to Spain.”

Speaking of the host university: 

“I was surprised by the educational program of the UAB. One of the main advantages of studying in Europe is that students are free to choose courses according to their interests and major. Also, universities impart practical skills to students with the aim of training them to secure employment in the future.”

Elizaveta adds: “Spain is the most preferred holiday destination in Europe. I was taken aback by the amount of festive days. But everything has its pros and cons. So, I couldn’t get my credit card for 2 months.

Traveling to Europe is very easy. You don’t even notice borders between countries as you travel. It takes 4 hours to go to France from Spain, while in Russia, you will be able to just reach another region.”

However, she warns: Barcelona is a pickpocketing capital. I got my phone stolen at my birthday party. So, be careful. :)” 

In conclusion: “Erasmus+ stay was the best period of my life that changed my mindset radically. I would certainly recommend others to consider going on Erasmus+ exchange.”

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