Evgeniya Kunetsova

Evgeniya Kuznetsova, a PhD student in Dramaturgy from the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow, spent the autumn term of 2016 at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She took courses in Comparative Literature and Music Theatre History, and participated in extracurricular activities, such as the university choir.

“The mobility broadened my horizons and made me feel more competent, more open-minded, more confident – it taught me a lot. I am really grateful to the Erasmus+ and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for this opportunity. It was definitely a golden one. If I could repeat it, I would not hesitate a minute.

I would highly recommend going on mobility to everyone. Believe me, it is a fantastic experience! So that your mobility goes smoothly, I would recommend these five things:

1. Learn as many things about the university and the country you apply to as possible in advance. A university orientation guide will help you. This way you will feel more confident and prepared when you arrive.

2. Start looking for accommodation as soon as you get the acceptance letter. Especially if for some reasons you do not want to live in the university residence.

3. Learn the language of the country you choose. Even some basic knowledge makes the difference.

4. Make sure you do not miss the orientation days at the university! Make good use of them: they are organized for YOU.

5. Do not be afraid to take risks. They are likely to be justified!”

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