Gerel Ishkeeva

Gerel Ishkeeva is currently a Master student at Potsdam University in Germany. In 2018 she spent a semester at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona doing research in International Economics. 

In her opinion, taking part in Erasmus+ was gratifying in several ways: “Participating in Erasmus+ was a truly positive life-changing experience. I received a lot of support and valuable recommendations from my academic advisor, Erasmus and the Department of Economics and Business teams of UPF. Seminars, conferences and other social events at the UPF and CREI [Research Centre in International Economics], devoted to economic and social issues, were outstanding. This experience inspired me to enter a master degree in economic policy.

The Department of Economics and Business of UPF is a highly ranked unit with corresponding levels of education and research, therefore for some newcomers it could be challenging to dive into such an advanced academic environment. On the other hand, the support of professors, other students and university staff and overall friendly and open atmosphere made this experience smooth and extremely positive.

I would definitely recommend other students to take part in Erasmus+ exchange as it gives you an opportunity to study, do research and take part in different activities in such a diverse and competitive atmosphere”, she ends. “It also brings you international academic experience, valuable knowledge and skills and last, but not least, new friends from all over the world”. 

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