Nadezda Konyushikhina

Nadezda Konyushikhina is currently a researcher at the Department of Special Historical Disciplines of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As a doctoral student in History at Moscow Lomonosov State University, she visited Universidad Autónoma de Madrid twice, in 2016 and 2018 . 

Taking part in Erasmus+ helped her in many ways: “It pursued my academic career in developing research on the 16th century in Spain. Through this programme I was able to advance with my thesis and defend it some years later. I managed to establish academic connections and deepen my knowledge. Moreover, I published several articles with my Spanish colleagues”.

She remembers an anecdote about her immersion in Spanish culture: “During the Fallas Valencianas* I came to my Spanish friend and dressed as a Fallera. It was an unforgettable experience. The people around me thought that I was real and asked to be photographed. I had a lot of fun!”

Here are some references of her work:

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* The Fallas are one of the most important events of Valencia, characterized by fireworks shows, illuminations, huge statues in the streets, music and women wearing traditional costumes. 

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