Call for applications for mobility with Russia, South Africa, India, Indonesia and Iran

Application deadlines: 2 February 2018 for PhD and staff mobilities, and 22 March 2018 for Bachelor and Master mobilities.

The Alliance 4 Universities has been awarded funds under Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme (Action KA107). Through these funds, students and faculty from Russian, South African, Indian, Indonesian and Iranian partner universities and from A4U universities have the opportunity to participate in mobility schemes.

Who can apply? The calls are open to Bachelor, Master and PhD students and staff from the participating universities (the details can be found in the Calls).

How long can the mobility be? The mobility period for Bachelor, Master and PhD students can be from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 5 months. The mobility period for staff is 5 days plus 2 days for travel. In total, 7 days will be covered by the grant.

What expenses are covered by the grant? Grants provide a monthly/daily allowance according to the category of the mobility and the receiving country, and a fixed travel quota to cover the flight expenses.

When can the mobility be carried out? Mobilities under these calls can be carried out during 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, and should end before 31 July 2019.

What are the deadlines? The deadline for PhD and staff applications is 2 February 2018, and for Bachelor/Master applicants – 22 March 2018.

How to apply?

  • Read carefully the relevant call for applications
  • Check the corresponding applicants’ guide (below) for step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the application.
  • Check participating universities factsheets (below, to be published as they become available) for their course/research offer, available services and contact details.
  • Complete the online application form in your category of mobility, attaching the requested documents. Applicants are strongly advised to submit their applications well before the deadline so that their applications can be checked and errors corrected if any.

Call for applications for PhD students and staff

Call for applications for Bachelor and Master students (to be published soon)

Applicants’ guides: for staffPhD, and Bachelor/Master students.

Participating university factsheets:

Spain: Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universitat Pompeu Fabra en Barcelona

Russia: Higher School of Economics, Southern Federal University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute

South Africa: University of the Free State

Iran: Amirkabir University of Technology

Indonesia: Airlangga University, Bandung Institute of Technology

India: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Application for mobility of Bachelor and Master students

  • Application Form
  • – Transcript of Records
  • – Learning Agreement Proposal (fill the 1st page only. Only proposals signed by both sending and receiving institutions will be accepted. Signatures can be scanned)
  • – Nomination letter (free format)
  • – Motivation letter (free format)

Application for mobility of PhD students

  • Application Form
  • Learning Agreement for PhD students (Fill the first 2 pages only. Only proposals signed by both sending and receiving institutions and the applicant will be accepted. Signatures can be scanned)
  • – CV
  • – Recommendation letter (to be sent directly by the referee to, att: Olga Belova, A4U International Project Manager).

Application for mobility of staff

Contact details at A4U universities

Mobility Office at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB): / +34 93 586 8499

Mobility Office at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM): / +34 91 497 2935, + 34 91 497 3283

Mobility Office at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M): / +34 91 624 9550

Mobility Office at Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF): / +34 935 422 203 (for queries of  Bachelor and Master students) / +34 935 422 063 (for queries of PhD students and teaching staff)