PhD students’ stories

Aleksandr Burlak, PhD student in Law. Omsk State University, Russia - UC3M

Masethabela Maphatsoe, PhD student in Arts and Media. Wits University, South Africa – UAB

Sergei Kvitko, PhD student in Political Science. Higher School of Economics, Russia – UPF

Alexandra Cheveleva, PhD student in Literature. UAM - Moscow Lomonosov State University, Russia

Miguel Méndez Isla, PhD student in Physics. Cape Town University, South Africa - UAM great smart fast

Farzad Torabi, PhD student in Chemistry. University of Tehran, Iran – UAB

Evgeniya Kuznetsova, PhD student in Dramaturgy. Russian State University for the Humanities - UAM

Sergei Zotov, PhD student in Anthropology. Russian University for the Humanities - UAB

Antonina Belimova, PhD student in Medieval History. Moscow Lomonosov State University - UAB

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