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Erasmus+ Call for international Mobility with Russia and South Africa

The Alliance 4 Universities has been awarded funds under the KA107 action of the Erasmus+ programme. Through these funds, students and Teaching Staff from Russian and South African partner universities and from the A4U universities have the opportunity to participate in the mobility scheme.

The Second Call is now open, until June 21th 2016. For further information click here

Publicada la Guía de buenas prácticas para la participación de las universidades españolas en los rankings internacionales

El periódico El País publicó recientemente un artículo sobre la Guía de buenas prácticas para la participación de las universidades españolas en los rankings internacionales, asignada por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte a un grupo de trabajo coordinado por el profesor Elías Sanz, director de INAECU (Instituto Interuniversitario “Investigación Avanzada sobre Evaluación de la Ciencia y la Universidad), que recibe el apoyo de Alianza-4 Universidades.

Además, INAECU coordinará próximamente una oficina destinada a dar apoyo a las universidades en el envío de datos unificados a los rankings internacionales. El fin último es conseguir un correcto posicionamiento de las mismas.

Network of young universities launched in Brussels

La red de jóvenes universidades europeas de investigaciónA network of young European research universities (YERUN) has been launched in Brussels to encourage joint initiatives in teaching and research and to promote mobility. The distinguishing feature of the network is that it consists of young European research universities – founded less than 50 years ago – which have been recognised by international rankings such as Times Higher Education, QS or Shangai.

In what was their second meeting (the first one was held in Madrid in October 2014), rectors of universities-members of the network signed an agreement committing to strengthen the role of young universities in shaping the research policy of the European Union. In addition to this strategic goal, the agreement sets out to promote collaborative research in areas of high social impact, to stimulate academic exchange programmmes for students, teaching and administrative staff, as well as to establish joint programmes at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. During the meeting Prof. Peter van der Hijden, an independent expert in higher education and research policy, gave a keynote speech.

YERUN network consists of the following universities: Bremen, Konstanz and Ulm (Germany), Antwerpen (Belgium), Southern Denmark (Denmark), Autònoma de Barcelona, Autónoma de Madrid, Carlos III de Madrid and Pompeu Fabra (Spain), Eastern Finland (Finland), Paris Dauphine (France), Dublin City University (Ireland), University of Roma Tor Vergata (Italy), Maastricht (Netherlands), Nueva de Lisboa (Portugal), Brunel and Essex (United Kingdom), Linköping (Sweden).

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