A-4U universities obtain the recognition of Campus of International Excellence

The leadership of the four universities which form part of A-4U has now been reaffirmed with all of them obtaining the recognition of Campus of International Excellence (CIE) awarded by the Spanish Ministries of Education and Science & Innovation. An international commission, composed of experts of recognized international standing, evaluated projects presented by Spanish universities. All four universities of the Alliance are among 13 campuses, which have obtained the title of CIE in 2009 and 2010 rounds.

UAB CIE project entitled “Promoting knowledge, encouraging innovation” is that of a university of excellence, innovative in spirit, ideal for living, learning and research, with a network of departments, R&D&I centres and hospitals which form the Research Park of UAB, all of them being located in a uniquely dynamic environment: B-30 Axis. This project aims to deepen the integration of this cluster, committed to the development of nanoscience and biotechnology, internationalization and attraction of human talent.

CIE UAM-CSIC: UAM obtained the recognition of Campus of International Excellence with a project that unites the efforts the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the National Council for Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which share a long history of collaboration and success. The project is based on three pillars: clear commitment to teaching, consolidated prestige and talent in research, already of unquestionable international standing in some areas, and active engagement with the social, cultural and economic environment.

Campus Carlos III: UC3M project presents a strategic aggregation of various entities which aim to create a model of sustainable inter-city campus located in Madrid region. This is a campus for research, knowledge transfer and university teaching of international excellence, which aims to become one of the best in Europe in the areas of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering.

Campus UPF – Icària International: UPF project aims to accelerate processes of excellence to which UPF was committed since its foundation; high-quality teaching, closeness to students, maximum internationalisation, and a strong focus on research and innovation in its three areas of expertise: Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Communication Sciences and Technology.

The programme of Campus of International Excellence aims to support universities, which help promote the new economic model based on knowledge and sustainability. It encourages specialization, internationalization, strategic aggregation and creation of critical mass, as well participation of universities in meeting the challenges of manufacturing industries. Existing collaborations between universities and R&D companies should help fulfill these objectives by introducing practices that lead to greater efficiency, competitiveness, and flexibility.