Philosophy, politics and economics: a cross-cutting approach to new social challenges

On November 13, A-4U is organising a debate that will discuss a multidisiplinary approach to the analysis of current social landscape.

Participants in the debate include:

Carmen Beviá, Chair in Economics, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Fernando Vallespín, Chair in Political Science and Administration, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Carlos Thiebault, Chair in Philosophy, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Jesús Silva, Chair in Criminal Law, Universitat Pompeu Fabra y abogado

Participants will also include the four rectors of A-4U universities: Ferran Sancho i Pifarré (UAB), José María Sanza (UAM), Daniel Peña (UC3M), and Josep Joan Moreso (UPF).

The event will take place at 19:00 at CaixaForum, Paseo del Prado, 36, Madrid. This event, to be moderated by Ángel Gabilondo, forms part of “Madrid and Barcelona in dialogue” series.

Entrance is free and attendance should be confirmed by email to